Can you help me identify if someone has worked with a competitor?

We hope most Influencers will self-police in this regard - Influencers need to keep their integrity in order to remain in the estimation of their followers. We do alert our clients if a bidder has worked with a competitor through The Room in the previous month.

What happens if the influencers don’t engage with or aren’t right for our brand?

We often talk about the ‘value in kind offering’ within an opportunity - this is why influencers bid. If you don’t get the right levels of engagement, it is often because the balance of what you’re offering relative to what you’re looking for isn’t quite right. We will work with you to ensure the right changes or alterations are made and can engage the correct sectors of influencers where appropriate.

What if they (influencers) don't post anything after we have sent our product?

We will step in on your behalf. Our members sign up to clear guidelines as they join, and if people don’t match up to the standards and quality that we expect we have the power to request a return of the products and suspend or remove those people from the platform.

What can I do if I’m not happy with the final outcome?

We hope these incidents will be few and far between, but inevitably in some instances there will be genuine excuses, in some cases Influencers will get it wrong, in some cases they might go silent.  Email us at and we will do our best to find an agreeable solution.

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