We have answered some of your most frequently asked questions.

What is The Room?

The Room is a tech marketplace where brands swap campaigns, products or experiences in exchange for advocacy that comes in a range of formats. In a world where transparency and authenticity are key, brands urgently need to diversify how they acquire and retain their customers. We believe our marketplace is leading the creation of a new category in ADVOCACY. Think Tinder meets LinkedIn for brands.

How does The Room work?

Once a client, a Brand can post an Opportunity - from beauty products to match tickets, from holidays to cars - and invite our members to bid for them. Members of The Room can use their ‘influence’ - whether it is social media, a personal appearance, tv exposure or content generation - to offer exposure in return for the brand.

What does The Room deliver for Brands?

Brands can now unlock their advocates - those who choose them out of a love, want or need rather than for payment. Brands benefit from the fact that the more a person of influence wants to be chosen, the more they will be prepared to offer. As a result, Brands will be able to select from their Advocates rather than just pay for Ambassadors.

Our Members

How does The Room define 'influence'?

We don’t believe ‘influence’ is limited to social media. We believe that influence is a power yielded over people’s behaviour and that brands can leverage this power by authentically engaging their best form of influencer. With this in mind, we welcome new types of ‘influencers’. Our membership base won’t just comprise celebrities and social media talent as it does today; we will open it up to key opinion leaders across industry, High Net Worth Individuals who’s peer to peer recommendation is stronger than any other customer group and to consumers who can give their time to help influence a charity or cause. We will continue to sit at the intersection of content, PR and influencer marketing and directly support how brands acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Brand Advocates, Talent and Influencer Onboarding Criteria

The onboarding process is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. When talent applies, each is verified to ensure it is a genuine application. They are then run through various tools to assess their engagement rate, authenticity of following, age of audience etc. Finally, our Talent Team assesses if they would be appropriate and if we have relevant content for them on the site.

Current User Snapshot

We segment our current users into TALENT FIRST and DIGITAL FIRST. A very brief snapshot of what we mean by that is below:

Talent first come with a value that often spans both on and offline media; they are ‘famous' for what they do and have an engaged audience because of that e.g actors, models, musicians, sportsmen and women, presenters, reality TV stars, chefs, adventurers, journalists

Digital first have an online media value based on the reach and engagement of audiences they’ve built up across one (or many) online channels

How do I choose who to work with?

You can click into the Profile page of any Influencer that has bid on your Opportunity.  From there you can see what they do, their interests, their offerings, images, a short biography and click out to their social media pages.

We offer our clients a comprehensive audience data set to help you to decide which of your bidders to select, as well as a direct messaging system to allow you to interact and understand a member’ tone of voice and suitability for your brand.


What does it cost to become a client of The Room?

We have three subscription levels.  Please click here to talk to a member of our sales team.

Posting an Opportunity

How long does an opportunity stay live for?

Most opportunities stay live for a minimum of 21 days. However, we are able to extend the opportunity to a further 4 to 6 weeks if the campaign needs longer.

Is there a limit to the number of influencers we can pick from each opportunity?

There is no limit to the number of influencers you can pick. The brand has complete control over who and how many influencers they wish to work with on any given opportunity.

Content Expectations

What content should a brand be expecting?

In terms of what content people create, we find the more creative freedom the influencers are given, the better and more engaging the content. Each of them will have a different story to tell around their passion.

What are brands rights to re-posting content?

Influencers own the rights to their own content because they have not been paid to ‘transfer rights’ or been paid for usage of that content in any other media. That said, we have numerous examples where brands have wanted to share the content on their own channels or use on their websites and if you seek permission to do so, the site terms and conditions protect that this is then a ‘legally binding’ agreement.

Do we get visibility of the content before it goes live?

The Room prides ourselves on authenticity and therefore, you will obtain better content and results by letting influencers having freedom over their content. This will result in more authentic content and fair more posts than when an influencer is paid. However, if you would like to have visibility on the content before it goes live, the platform enables this to happen via our chat feature.

Can we control what influencers post?

Our platform allows our talent to create authentic and genuine content. You are placing your brand into their ideas and stories which sits more organically.  However, you can state in the brief what you are looking for and discuss the creative direction of their content. If you want control over what they post, you should consider paying them to do so.

Content Capture, Reporting and Evaluation

Do you capture all content created?

Yes, through our reporting tool, influencers are added to the campaign and when the right handles and hashtags are met, we automatically record the content. We can also record content for an on-going period of time.

How do you report?

When you have accepted influencers for the Opportunity, they automatically get added to a unique report that you can access via a shareable link. This Opportunity report is updated daily and allows you to see data on how everything is performing. In this report, we capture how many influencers have taken part, the amount of content produced, reach, impressions and engagements. Within stories, we can also see tap backs, forwards, swipe ups and more detailed information. You can view a demo report here.

Further to this, we have an Earned Media Report, which looks at your return for the campaign based on impressions and engagement, taking into account the saving from not paying influencers directly. This can be viewed here.

Brand Partnerships

What are the benefits of using the brand to brand wall?

Time and cost efficiency in sourcing brands who are keen to collaborate

Highly qualified conversations straight away

Finding the right contact in a brand directly rather than browsing LinkedIn for hours

Lower cost investment in any partnership activity

Greater authenticity

What are some typical examples of how people use brand to brand function?

Seeding your product at relevant events

Partner with a like minded brand and run a competition across each other’s socials

Look for an event space to host a corporate party

Look for a creative individual to boost your existing content e.g. videographer, photographer

Look for like-minded brands to support and raise


Can The Room be used by PR, Media, Advertising or Creative Agencies?

Absolutely - we are actively seeking them to join The Room.  Our current clients are quick to see the savings, connections and value The Room provides.  We are a tech tool designed to support agencies, not to get in the way.

Do you welcome Talent Agents?

Absolutely.  We are helping numerous agents to sort clients’ requests as well as introducing their talent to relevant brands.


Do I need to comply with the Advertising Standards Authority?

It is your prerogative to ensure that you are up to speed and follow the rules set out by the Advertising Standards Authority. You can find out more information here: http://www.cap.org.uk/Advertising-Codes.aspx


Can you help me identify if someone has worked with a competitor?

We hope most Influencers will self-police in this regard - Influencers need to keep their integrity in order to remain in the estimation of their followers.  We do alert our clients if a bidder has worked with a competitor through The Room in the previous month.

What happens if the influencers don’t engage with or aren’t right for our brand?

We often talk about the ‘value in kind offering’ within an opportunity - this is why influencers bid.  If you don’t get the right levels of engagement, it is often because the balance of what you’re offering relative to what you’re looking for isn’t quite right.  We will work with you to ensure the right changes or alterations are made and can engage the correct sectors of influencers where appropriate.

What if they (influencers) don't post anything after we have sent our product?

We will step in on your behalf.  Our members sign up to clear guidelines as they join, and if people don’t match up to the standards and quality that we expect we have the power to request a return of the products and suspend or remove those people from the platform.

What can I do if I’m not happy with the final outcome?

We hope these incidents will be few and far between, but inevitably in some instances there will be genuine excuses, in some cases Influencers will get it wrong, in some cases they might go silent.  Email us at support@theroom.io and we will do our best to find an agreeable solution.

Is there an app?

Yes.  Click here to download.