Why brand partnerships matter more now than ever.

The impact of Covid-19 has led to our clients to reach out for advice on how to create specific content that drives engagement, click throughs and brand authenticity in the right tone.  Advocates is one channel, but we also open up the option of collaborating with other brands who are also finding their feet during this time.

Finding the right brand partner can play a significant role in maximising the potential of a campaign, product activation or event - particularly at times like this. Consideration on key objectives and working together closely to ensure everyone ‘wins’ is important – so transparency and trust is key. Long term thinking also adds authenticity and value to the experience.

Build Trust

The ability for brands partnerships to build the trust of consumers is important. Working with a brand that compliments your values and positioning will help you reach a larger audience, new markets and recognition with a specific type of consumer.

A current example could see a membership gym collaborating with a premium skincare range to bring zoom workouts to consumers.  A bonus discount on the premium skincare ensures consumers are exploring the whole journey of the stay at home economy, well-being and fitness.

Diversifying your brand

If your brand has found it difficult to reach a certain demographic, partnering with another brand can allow you to unlock that audience.

Ralph Lauren partnered with Palace in order to make a younger audience aware of their new streetwear collection.  This collaboration saw 75% of new Ralph Lauren customers buying directly and with repeat capsule collections, these new customers were retained on an annual basis.

Add Value

Brand partnerships obviously add value to a product, service or experience, but can generate huge awareness from shared audiences.

During this pandemic, TikTok has teamed up with the WHO to lead a campaign on educating GenZ on Covid-19 and the important steps of washing your hands. Tagged videos have racked up 2.6 billion views, there are live information sessions and a #safehands challenge that encourages participation.

Generate social buzz and enhance brand perception

Brands that partner together – especially on a long-term basis are more likely to generate interest, buzz and generate organic PR.

We are in the midst of a period of radical change; in the way consumers are behaving online, on social media and how brands support the needs of a new audience whilst protecting their identity. Whether we like it or not, the pandemic is changed the way people shop, search, communicate and consume in 2020.  Authentic brand partnerships should be considered an effective way of embracing the shift.

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