Brand to Brand: The Influence Room new partnership tool


An exciting development for The Influence Room, we have launched our Brand to Brand partnership tool. 

What is Brand to Brand?

Brand to Brand will enable all existing and new clients to post invitations for collaborations with other brands on the platform.

Whatever activity you’re working on,  The Influence Room Brand to Brand function will enable you to find partners.  

How would Brand to Brand work for my business?

Whether you are sourcing drinks partners for a launch party, venues for a high profile event, goody bag items for your VIPs or collaborations with complimentary brands - simply create an opportunity detailing what you’re offering and what you’re looking for, and let interested parties come directly to your inbox.

‘Brand to brand’ is another way that The Influence Room is changing the narrative around ‘influence’ and ensuring authenticity is at the heart of all connections.


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