Who we are

The Room rewards brands and influencers for being true to themselves. Here’s our story.

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The Room is a joint venture between…

Alex Payne

As the face of English Rugby broadcasting, Alex understands the power of fandom and influence.

Tanya Hamilton-Smith
Tanya Hamilton-Smith

Formerly of Wunderman Thompson and BBDO, Tanya is a marketing veteran with a strong brand and agency background.

Together, they connect brands and influencers to unlock brand love in The Room.

“My post didn’t have the insight, authenticity, or enthusiasm of a true fan to connect with my audience, the experience wasn’t rewarding for Disney, myself, or my fans.”

Alex Payne

Our origin

The Room started with a box full of Star Wars merchandise.

Disney sent Alex some Star Wars swag in the hope that he might post about it on social media to promote a back-to-back Star Wars weekend.

There was just one problem. Alex didn’t love Star Wars.

This exchange happens too often: brands try to buy influence and influencers sell themselves out. It creates untruthful, untrustworthy, and unfulfilling affairs that benefit no one.

It was clear that there had to be a better way for brands to meet genuine advocates and have authentic, rewarding relationships. So, we created The Room – a platform that connects brands with influencers that truly love them.

Our model

The Room is a space where brands and their advocates exchange passion, not money. Brands offer their products and experiences to advocates. In return, advocates with influence create engaging brand content that resonates with their audience.

Our new model drives consumer trust and loyalty. It delivers authentic content, made with real passion and creative freedom, that drives tangible results. In The Room, both brands and influencers are rewarded for being true to themselves.


We make room for genuine advocacy

Learn more about how our platform liberates brands and influencers to live what they love.