A private space where people of influence connect with the brands they need, love or want.

Our members are able to engage with the brands, products, campaigns and experiences that fit authentically with who they are and the stories they tell.

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VIP night at the O2

Inviting influencers to a range of live experiences across the year from music to sport to entertainment

Fashion, accessories and beauty

Automotive, sport and entertainment

Travel and holidays

Food, beverage and hospitality

Why people of influence love The Room

Instant access to a wide range of brands

Instead of batting away brands you're not interested in, use The Room to start relationships with the brands you love or need, and work together for mutual benefit.

Always have something new to talk about

With an ongoing stream of offers from new and existing brands being posted all the time, you'll always be able to find new content to feature on your channels.

Creative freedom to make authentic content

Share with brands the stories you feel most comfortable creating for them. Brands are looking to be included authentically in the media channels you work best in.

Connect with the brands you love

Engage your audience with new, interesting and relevant content

Our members are able to engage with the products, campaigns and experiences that fit authentically with who they are. We give you the chance to approach the brands you want to work with, not the other way round.

"The Room is something I have loved using! There is a very even benefit for both brands and influencers."

Skai - Lifestyle and fashion blogger

Take brands online and offline

We like our members to think way beyond just social media. Do you have influence in television, radio, print, film, music, sport, personal appearances, leadership, mentoring or event hosting? Your challenge is to take our clients to interesting places.

"I have been able to attend incredible events... thank you again, making dreams possible.

Andy Hoang - Fashion Photographer

Chat with brands on your time and your terms

Monitor your conversations on the go with The Room app, and never miss a new opportunity or brand conversation.

"Just love being a part of this club, which really gets the fast paced world of brand and influencer collaborations."

The Gentleman Racer

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