For brands seeking authenticity, we’re putting the power of influence back in your hands.

The Room serves to amplify any paid, owned or earned media by unlocking storytellers who are interested in what you’re offering, not what you’re paying them.

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Why brands love The Room

Instant access to a diverse mix of influencers

Our influencers span on and offline media; from A-list talent in music, film, sport and television through to social media influencers and content creators.

Exponential ROI increase that's rapidly tangible

Add a layer of advocacy to your marketing mix. Benefit from the authenticity, increased content, higher engagement and lower CPE that our relationships deliver.

Unlock a world of opportunities for your brand.

Complement your planned activity with the opportunities our members will open up for your brand. Put yourself in the hands of influential people, and see where they take you.

Connect with influencers who already love your brand

The secret to finding the best influencers? Let them come to you

Too many brands are paying influencers to talk about them, rather than working with those who simply want, need or would love to generate awareness for you. The Room unlocks influencers who are your advocates.

"...we've halved the workload for the team and doubled the return for the client..."

PR agency - Director

Increase the speed and efficiency of your influencer activity

Claim back the wasted hours of outreach and the wasted budget on the wrong people. Simply create an opportunity, explain what you're offering and what you're looking for and let the influencers come to you.

"I couldn't believe how quickly the influencers began bidding for our project

Executive Producer - Missing Link Films

Augment your influencer strategy and amplify your entire media mix

Whether online or offline, The Room creates an increasingly critical layer of advocacy for all brands; especially those already paying influencers to create content for them.

"’s so easy to use and we’ve some amazing people coming to us – saving us the time on finding people to approach"

Global Telecoms – Head of Social Media

Campaign snapshots

Driving reach and engagement

Identifying an ongoing volume of influencers who are fans of the live experiences that O2 offer their customers. Talent create content aimed to drive reach and engagement across their sponsorship properties as well as having a halo effect on the brand promise of delivering #unforgettablegigs




in social media reach


pieces of content created

Campaign amplification through product gifting

Unlocking advocates of the MADE brand to amplify seasonal campaign activity




influencers accepted


social media reach

Driving awareness and engagement for Meerkat Meals

Compare The Market offered members of The Room a year’s Meerkat Meals Membership and complimentary meal out in exchange for organic social media posts and stories - generating a strong volume of awareness driving content and all delivered at £0 CPE


influencers accepted


engagement rate


average cost of engagement


Interested in creating authentic relationships between your brand and influential people?

Why not try our new flexible Pay-Per-Use option to get a feel for the platform, save time and money by quickly engaging with people who love your brand, and those who will grow to love you. 

Pay-Per-Use Campaigns



Single campaign £2k
or 3 for £4k


Basic data and reporting

Read receipts

Welcome email

Account support by email


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Single campaign £4k
or 3 for £10k


✓ Advanced data and reporting

Dashboard and PDF

Live shareable KPI link

Bidder profile stats

Campaign and audience analysis

✓ End-to-end campaign management

Welcome meeting

Key account manager

Strategy and recommendations

✓ Category targeting

✓ Room perk function

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Keep across your influencer activity on the go

The Room app adds to the efficiency and speed of your influencer activity. To keep up with the fast paced world, have all your conversations at your finger tips.

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