Reporting and Evaluation

Do you capture all content created?

Yes, through our reporting tool, influencers are added to the campaign and when the right handles and hashtags are met, we automatically record the content. We can also record content for an on-going period of time.

How do you report?

When you have accepted influencers for the Opportunity, they automatically get added to a unique report that you can access via a shareable link. This Opportunity report is updated daily and allows you to see data on how everything is performing. In this report, we capture how many influencers have taken part, the amount of content produced, reach, impressions and engagements. Within stories, we can also see tap backs, forwards, swipe ups and more detailed information. You can view a demo report here.

Further to this, we have an Earned Media Report, which looks at your return for the campaign based on impressions and engagement, taking into account the saving from not paying influencers directly. This can be viewed here.

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