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How does The Room define 'influence'?

We don’t believe ‘influence’ is limited to social media. We believe that influence is a power yielded over people’s behaviour and that brands can leverage this power by authentically engaging their best form of influencer. With this in mind, we welcome new types of ‘influencers’. Our membership base won’t just comprise celebrities and social media talent as it does today; we will open it up to key opinion leaders across industry, High Net Worth Individuals who’s peer to peer recommendation is stronger than any other customer group and to consumers who can give their time to help influence a charity or cause. We will continue to sit at the intersection of content, PR and influencer marketing and directly support how brands acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Brand Advocates, Talent and Influencer Onboarding Criteria

The onboarding process is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. When talent applies, each is verified to ensure it is a genuine application. They are then run through various tools to assess their engagement rate, authenticity of following, age of audience etc. Finally, our Talent Team assesses if they would be appropriate and if we have relevant content for them on the site.

Current User Snapshot

We segment our current users into TALENT FIRST and DIGITAL FIRST. A very brief snapshot of what we mean by that is below:

Talent first come with a value that often spans both on and offline media; they are ‘famous' for what they do and have an engaged audience because of that e.g actors, models, musicians, sportsmen and women, presenters, reality TV stars, chefs, adventurers, journalists

Digital first have an online media value based on the reach and engagement of audiences they’ve built up across one (or many) online channels

How do I choose who to work with?

You can click into the Profile page of any Influencer that has bid on your Opportunity. From there you can see what they do, their interests, their offerings, images, a short biography and click out to their social media pages.

We offer our clients a comprehensive audience data set to help you to decide which of your bidders to select, as well as a direct messaging system to allow you to interact and understand a member’ tone of voice and suitability for your brand.

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