How does The Room work?

What is The Room?

The Room is a tech marketplace where brands swap campaigns, products or experiences in exchange for advocacy that comes in a range of formats. In a world where transparency and authenticity are key, brands urgently need to diversify how they acquire and retain their customers. We believe our marketplace is leading the creation of a new category in ADVOCACY. Think Tinder meets LinkedIn for brands.

How does The Room work?

Once a client, a Brand can post an Opportunity - from beauty products to match tickets, from holidays to cars - and invite our members to bid for them. Members of The Room can use their ‘influence’ - whether it is social media, a personal appearance, tv exposure or content generation - to offer exposure in return for the brand.

What does The Room deliver for Brands?

Brands can now unlock their advocates - those who choose them out of a love, want or need rather than for payment. Brands benefit from the fact that the more a person of influence wants to be chosen, the more they will be prepared to offer. As a result, Brands will be able to select from their Advocates rather than just pay for Ambassadors.

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