Content Expectations

What content should a brand be expecting?

In terms of what content people create, we find the more creative freedom the influencers are given, the better and more engaging the content. Each of them will have a different story to tell around their passion.

What are brands rights to re-posting content?

Influencers own the rights to their own content because they have not been paid to ‘transfer rights’ or been paid for usage of that content in any other media. That said, we have numerous examples where brands have wanted to share the content on their own channels or use on their websites and if you seek permission to do so, the site terms and conditions protect that this is then a ‘legally binding’ agreement.

Do we get visibility of the content before it goes live?

The Room prides ourselves on authenticity and therefore, you will obtain better content and results by letting influencers having freedom over their content. This will result in more authentic content and fair more posts than when an influencer is paid. However, if you would like to have visibility on the content before it goes live, the platform enables this to happen via our chat feature.

Can we control what influencers post?

Our platform allows our talent to create authentic and genuine content. You are placing your brand into their ideas and stories which sits more organically. However, you can state in the brief what you are looking for and discuss the creative direction of their content. If you want control over what they post, you should consider paying them to do so.

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