Start ups: In times of uncertainty, keep the conversations alive

The Influence Room - ready to help you, right now.

There is no doubt these are hugely trying circumstances for startups.  If you are a small business, we want to help keep your conversation alive.  If you would like to engage with people of influence keen to support and collaborate, please do get in touch.
For the next three months, simply pay whatever you can afford.

The Influence Room:
We allow brands, charities and people of influence (talent and influencers) to connect with each other over mutually beneficial partnerships. No money changes hands; it is a contra economy where success is based on collaboration, not a fee.

With increasing numbers of people now working from home, online traffic is set to increase four-fold. Leverage this opportunity and raise awareness of your brand in the right way. We'd love to help you build authentic connections with our people of influence who can help maintain your Brand Advocacy.
Contact us for support today,
**Conditions apply**



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