New name, new look - Introducing The Room


We’re still the same, just more space to grow! 

Last week we announced our new name and refreshed new look as part of our ongoing evolution. So we thought we would share these updates and why we made them to help our members understand what that means for them.


Why the change?

You will be aware of The Influence Room as the platform that connects you to people of influence who love your brand or product and create meaningful content in exchange for something you offer. Since our launch - now over two years ago - we’ve been intent on changing the way our own brand looks and also in re-defining the meaning of the word ‘influence’. 

We don’t just refer to ‘influence’ as a form of social media. We believe that influence is a power yielded over people’s behaviour and that brands can leverage this power by authentically engaging their best form of influencer...and it's not social media for everyone.

With this in mind, we have decided to open up our platform to new types of ‘influencers’. Our membership base will no longer only be open to the wonderful celebrities and social media talent that we have today; it is now open to other types of ‘Influencer’. These comprise of key opinion leaders across industry, High Net Worth Individuals (whose peer to peer recommendation is stronger than any other customer group) and to consumers who can give their time to help influence a charity or cause. 


The Influence Room influencer marketing platform rebranded logo


So what’s changed and what hasn’t?

As a result of this new function and new purpose, we felt the name ‘The Influence Room’ no longer represented the platform’s ability to give brands real, cross-channel advocacy from people with ‘real influence’. So we decided to move forward as The Room. With this new name we felt it was the right time to give ourselves a new logo and refreshed new look by updating our colours, typeface and imagery. 

Our in-house designer worked to create a more evolved and cohesive visual identity. It uses a bolder and more savvy colour palette, but is still simple and refined. It’s an evolution, and one that will stand out across all channels. Whilst our logo is almost identical to before, we have now updated the keyhole to be within a hexagon. The hexagon represents the six types of ‘influencers’ that the platform plays host to and echoes the important tech focus of our business as a SaaS product for our customers.

While this is a significant change in how we look, our core beliefs and values haven’t changed. Since the start, authenticity and true advocacy have been a core part of our business. It has been our differentiated and defining position, and will live throughout everything we do. 

Over the next few months you will see other developments and we’ll do our best to keep you informed as we go! 

If you have any questions or want more information on this please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you! 

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