Instagram now tests ‘hiding’ likes, globally


You’ll have heard about Instagram testing the ‘hiding’ of likes across Australia, USA,  Canada, New Zealand and Brazil. It’s now going global and is music to our ears @ The Influence Room.

What happens?

Users will not be able to see the total number of likes on photos and videos on feed videos and profile accounts. However, users will be able to see their own metrics e.g. how many likes their own post received.


Can you still ‘like’ content?

The answer is, yes.

Users can still double tap or like a photo / video, but you will not be able to view how many likes appear. The change is where an account you follow likes someone else’s photo - it will say under the content ‘the Instagram account and others’ 'like' under the post that would normally appear. Users then can click to view a list of accounts that have liked the post.

What does this mean for influencers?

Six months ago, 86% of our members said that their biggest concern in the growth of ‘influencer marketing’ was the creeping lack of authenticity.

This move by Instagram means creators will now need, more than ever, to communicate true value to their fans.  

Mental health is linked to social channel performance and an increased paranoia around ‘likes’ for users of all types. With continued news of trolling in everyday life and amongst influencers in the news, this progression from Instagram can only be viewed as a positive, further step away from social media affecting individual’s mental health.

And for brands?

For brands, this is testament to their increasing shift away from using influencers as a form of paid media and championing the authentic stories that they create.

 It puts onus on a brand to think about their own value to their customers and fans.

For creators, it’s a chance to go back to the thing that they are best at doing - engaging their audience with authentic content they have chosen to talk about out of passion, interest or curiosity.

Which is exactly what The Influence Room aims to facilitate.

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