Five predictions for Influencer marketing in 2020

We have just waved goodbye to 2019, a year full of surprise platform updates, new trends and newcomers rising steadily in popularity that have caused mayhem (in a good, and bad way) for brands and talent alike.

Tik Tok has become THE platform to watch, with its rise in popularity in 2019. It was the most installed app in Q1 of 2019, and now has over 8m monthly active users who are spending up to 46 minutes per day consuming videos that are 15 mins long.   With this, there has been a drive from brands and creators alike to develop campaigns that are authentic and transparent, reflective of a shift in the industry and how content is consumed. 

Short, to the point, authentic content

In 2020, 'Bitesize' compelling content is in high demand from consumers that can be quickly consumed, engaged with and shared. The way a brand communicates a message needs to be revolutionised, condensed and put across within a couple of seconds - and this is where social platform's, and influencers come into the picture. Tik Tok is the perfect platform for this, and a great way to find new creators.  

Shifting brand budgets to favour influencer marketing

Brands are moving away from traditional ads, shifting budgets from more traditional advertising to working with influencers. Over 48% of Hootsuite’s clients said they either used or planned to in 2020 to use influencer marketing with well-known or celebrity influencers, while 45% have used or are planning on using micro-influencers who have a smaller, highly engaged audience. 

Video content - more is more

Video is increasingly popular (and very relevant with new platform updates) – including live video for e.g. Twitter live streams, Instagram Live, Linkedin Live and Facebook Live which assist in creating a level of authenticity that enables influencers to engage with their audiences directly. Tik Tok is contributing to the popularity of video, and Instagram stories have evolved to include user-created filters that allow for increased brand awareness, in addition to IGTV  growing continuously.

Brand partnerships will favour long term, authentic influencer relationships

Long term relationships with influencers will become 'normal' – finding brand ambassadors who create authentic content based on their interests, as consumers are beginning to question talent who promote multiple brands from the same industry, Transparency is key for creators, which will also mean that creators will bring their creativity and expertise into the mix which will create more genuine, and effective campaigns.

Repurposing Influencer content for brand campaigns

Repurposing creators’ content will become more of the norm, across a range of marketing channels including print, outdoor digital and TV. This enhances campaigns that target a less engaged audience, providing authentic, relatable and interesting ‘bite size’ content that can be used for brand campaigns. With this, content creators are now seen as the next generation opinion leaders, it will be increasingly popular to include them in media production due to their voice, platform and recognition within target audiences.

Interested in Influencer marketing? Or looking for brand ambassadors and authentic content to supplement and support your marketing campaigns for 2020? Look no further, contact us today.

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